Attracting Birds To Your Backyard

Bird watching is a popular past time that is shared by many, but what if watching your fluttering friends was as simple as peeking into your backyard? Thanks to a few landscaping techniques, you can trade in your binoculars for a garden chair and enjoy bird watching from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Attracting Birds Of A Feather

If you want to attract birds to your backyard, you have to make it a place that they will be drawn to. One way of doing this is by studying the feeding and/or nesting habits of the birds that you want to attract. Like any other animal, birds have unique characteristics that are specific to their type, and knowing what they enjoy will be your first step toward inviting them into your backyard.

Bird Basics

Birds have three basic needs-food, shelter and water. By planting familiar foliage, you will be providing a protective covering for birds. Flowers, inviting nesting areas and a birdbath will provide additional comfort for your feathered friends.

Providing clean water, plenty of bushy, flowering native plants and a safe, cat-free environment is best. It is not necessary to provide additional feed for native birds.

Just Splashing Around

Believe it or not, a birdbath is a terrific aspect to include in your landscape if you want native birds to feel welcome. This single feature offers birds a way to bathe and drink, which makes your backyard especially inviting to visiting birds. It's important to add fresh water regularly and keep birdbaths clean and free of bacteria build-up. Another popular water feature, which is great for both landscaping appeal and attracting birds, is a fountain or waterfall. The sound of trickling water will serve as an inviting habitat for birds.

House Hunting

If you want to attract birds, you could provide them with a birdhouse. These structures provide a safe environment for your feathered friends and offer a way for them to feel right at home. When choosing a birdhouse, you must consider the size of the bird that you will be attracting as the size of the entrance hole will greatly be determined by the bird that will be using it. A quality birdhouse must have proper ventilation to ensure proper air circulation, and the drainage capability must also be considered in order to keep the bird's nest dry and free of any water build-up.

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