Using A Locally Based Buyers’ Agent To Buy Property Sight Unseen...

A licenced, exclusive Buyers Agent will help you alleviate the pitfalls that can arise when buying sight unseen. If they’re based locally, all the better. They can educate you on the market and the property, to allow you to make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances and goals.

Top reasons to use a locally based Buyers’ Agent when buying sight unseen:

  • Your locally based Buyers’ Agent will physically inspect all properties on your behalf and because they are aware of your desires (from the creation of your property brief), they can hone in on a shortlist of properties for you to choose from, and then drill the statistics down even further when you have made your choice, ensuring your decision is a sound one.

  • Visible structural faults – obvious matters of concern, that have not been disclosed in online photographs will be detected by your locally based Buyers’ Agent and will alleviate you making an offer and engaging a building inspector, to then discover the property has visible structural faults.

  • You can’t see what’s next door.

Online marketing photos do not show the slew of old cars in the neighbour’s front yard, or the bull mastiff that barks viciously and constantly every time you walk through the front gate. Your locally based Buyers’ Agent will carry out due diligence to uncover these things on your behalf.

  • A locally based Buyers’ Agent will generally be up to date on pending developments and what’s happening in the area. They can also carry out research with the local council (if they offer this service) on your behalf.

Additional reasons for investors to use a locally based Buyers’ Agent:

  • Likelihood of tenants– a local expert can assess the likely tenants for your inte

nded property, plus how quickly you can expect the property to be successfully leased.

  • Assess capital growth – local knowledge of the market and individual streets means your locally based Buyers’ Agent can provide you an accurate assessment of capital growth.

  • Because Buyers’ Agents assess property for a living, they generally have sophisticated methods of analysing data to correctly determine if the property is a viable investment.

  • The outlay of hundreds of thousands of dollars can make or break new investors, your locally based Buyers’ Agent has history of the area, knows the streets and even the good ends of the streets. An invaluable attribute to your purchase.

Author: Vanessa Simpson is a professional Buyers' Agent, based locally on the Coffs Coast, with experts in her team based locally in Byron Bay.

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