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Do you want to sell your home, but you're unsure about the next steps?
TThat's Where We Come in

Our Vendor's Advocacy Service Will Help Get You On Track... 

This Service is Free 
With Absolutely No Charge To The Vendor

Yes, there is a catch - keep reading to discover exactly what it is...

1. Knowledge Is 

We meet with you to discuss your goals and what's currently happening in our local real estate market.

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2. Presentation
Is Key

We discuss ways to maximise the sales price of your home, plus what buyers are looking for and looking at. We also arrange a complimentary Property Stylist consultation, to guide you in the right direction.

3. Shortlist of Sales Agents

We prepare a shortlist of suitable sales professionals, based on their knowledge of your local market and their professionalism. We personally take them each on an individual tour of your home and have them submit their sales proposal.

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4. Choosing Wisely

We'll compare the sales proposals and meet with you to guide you in choosing the best agent and pricing strategy for your property.

5. Team Work*

We work with you and your sales agent throughout the sales campaign to achieve the best result for you.

*Note 5 & 6 will not be possible if we have been engaged to represent a buyer in the purchase of your property. 

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6. In It For The Long Haul*

We continue to support you throughout the settlement process to ensure a stress free result.

*Note 5 & 6 will not be possible if we have been engaged to represent a buyer in the purchase of your property.

What's The Catch?

We operate from a place of transparency. Yes, there are benefits for us. The main benefit is access to off-market properties for our clients, which also benefits the seller - see our Properties Wanted page where we explain the benefits to the seller in detail.

Another benefit is being able to contribute to the professional standards of our industry by referring business to sales agents who uphold the Principles of Conduct by behaving professionally and ethically. There is a key focus by national and state real estate industry bodies to change the way our industry can (at times) be viewed from a negative perspective. Beach Or Bush want to be part of the movement, and our Vendor Advocacy Service allows us to contribute to this goal.